50mm or 55mm strut


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Hello, I recently purchased a 2013 Golf TDI. Ive searched but I’m having a hard time finding out which size struts my car should have a 50mm or 55mm. Would really appreciate if anyone could help me out.

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IIRC, the Mk6 had the same struts across all lines. The MK7 has two different sizes, 50 for the Golf and GSW, 55 for Alltrack, R and GTI.

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My 2011 mk6 gt 140 tdi golf has 55mm struts, however when I was buying my new struts, it showed 50mm struts aswell for my car. Because I was unsure, I ordered both sizes, I then returned the ones I didn’t need.

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I know this is an old thread, but thought this might help others out there. If you're unsure if you VW has 50 or 55mm struts, hre is a video on how to measure.VW Strut Assembly - 50 or 55mm? - YouTube

Also 50mm strut assemblies are almost impossible to find. When I recently replaced my jetta struts(because of a broken spring), I came across a company that is selling the complete 50mm strut assemblies.

Hopefully this helps.