93 Octane w/ 91 Tune = Gains ?


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Currently my vehicle is running APR Stage 1+ (v2.3B). The tunes loaded are:
-91 octane -257 hp & 312 ft/lb
-93 octane "low" -268 hp & 300 ft/lb
-93 octane - 268 hp & 325 ft/lb

There are plenty of threads about being stuck in the situation of having lower octane than required. This happened while driving through GA in our Mk7 which has no ability to switch between the tunes.

My question is whether or not running the 91 tune produces higher output. The reason?
First off it seems like a good way to make up for octane variations using different brands of fuel.
Another is the 93 tune makes a ton of power and a tad less may be kinder on my transmission.
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