95k on car, all issues to date


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Owned since late 2013, purchased at 25k miles. currently 95k.

Issues i have experienced:

1) Cam chain tensior chain failure
2) PCV valve failure
3) two sets of coil packs fail
4) passenger side radiator fan failure
5) new battery
6) three sets of tires : Michelin AS3s, Falkien G4s, and Continentals


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watch for the intake manifold still covered up to 120k mine went up around 85k


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I have a 13 which I got with around 3k.
1. Water pump 15k
2. MAF 27k
3. LPFP and module 70k
4. Intake manifold/carbon cleaning 82k

I should probably note that I replaced the coils at 75k and PCV 80k as preventative maintenance.


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Other than the tensioner failure, not too bad of a list, IMO. I think the last two items would be classified as normal wear and tear, might even throw the coilpacks in that bucket too.
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2013 purchased new and I'm at 95,000 myself and no issues to report :thumbup:

Got the valves carbon cleaned at 70k, replaced PCV valve at the same time as a precaution.


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2011 bought at 32-35k. Now at 80k.

Nothing too major has happened. Rotors, Breaks, oils, coolants and such. My right front tire shakes at high speeds so I will have to check that out. I think that started to come about after someone rear ended my driver side rear area... Some girl was texting probably and hit it pretty bad. Looks good as new now though apart from the area that wasn't blended when they painted the bumper.

Main Issues:

-Water Pump Failure at around 40k
-Intake Manifold Failure at around 75k.
-Carbon Cleaning when I went to the dealer to fix the intake manifold.

I've noticed that these can reach 250k with some care, so I'd like to reach that.


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2012 bought new with 5 miles on it in Nov 2011. Currently at 77,000 miles.
Stage 1 Tune at ~50,000.

All standard maintenance performed by the dealership until 45,000 miles. HS Tuning has performed all other maintenance since then, with oil changes ~ every 5000 miles.

Big things that have happened were:
Failed Intake Manifold / Carbon Cleaning done around 40k
Failed Intake Manifold #2 around 75k
Just replaced stock battery after 7 years.

Having HS Tuning do new RSR Clutch and check timing tensioner in the next month.

I love this car. Excited to continue doing small mods, but mainly just tastefully updating to keep it fun and last for years to come.


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Purchased used Oct 2014 with 32K miles. 2012 VW GTI 4dr Autobahn.

-Tensioner went and bent valves around 65k. 2 weeks after going Stage 2. (Rebuilt head)
-Failed PCV
-Failed LPFP
-Failed HPFP
-Spun rod bearing 97K (bye bye engine)

Dealer maintained up till 60K miles. Then I only went back to the dealer for 5K oil change intervals. Stopped doing that around 80k miles and started doing my own oil changes. Surprisingly no intake manifold, but we will see how GTI 2.0 stands up to that.


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2013 Purchased brand new and I have 77k miles.

- intake manifold 20k
- water pump 42k
- new clutch to keep up with stage 2 55k
- leak detection pump 60k
- replaced ecu at 60k
- carbon cleaning at 71k

I think my PCV may have just gone bad literally yesterday. Boost is gone and I can only hold up to 7 or 8 psi now. Is that a warranty fix?

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