a surprise when I started the car


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I moved couple of days ago a city for work. today in the morning, when i started the car I saw a warning on the dash: check licence plate lighting. I got off the car and checked the lamp but actually there was nothing to check!!! It was stolen, i could not believe my eyes, also there was no plug...the cable was was broken. addition, couple of days ago cover of car was stolen which i bought from germany. i hope tmorrow morning i am able to find my 4 wheels in place:)
a lot of assholes i am looking for another home which has a private parking place or garage.
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Yo sorry to hear about that. My wife's father and brother have been seeing alot of that in Hungary near Budapest. There are idiots everywhere!!!


Must've moved to the ghett.


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wow, what bizarre things to steal. Can't really sell it. Can't use it unless they too have a gti. Only reason is just to be an asshole?

Somebody stole my vw grill logo when I had an MK4. I found a replacement on ebay. Probably bought it from the dude who stole it from me in the first place!