Adams Motorsports Park. Time Attack!


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Now we have Time Attack & GRIP on Tuesday nights and Drifting on Thursday nights! Come down and join the party at Thursday Night Drift from 6-9. Hundreds of spectators have been turning out to see what's going on at Adams.

Bring your ride and get your slide on. No ride? Get a pit pass and ride along. Or hang out and watch the action while our DJ bumps the tunes. Watch beginners, talented home town heroes and even pros slide around our track - sometimes in tandems of 2 and 3 cars at a time!

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At Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, you can legally drift on our 3/4 of a mile, 14 turn paved race circuit. See the track map below.

Tuesday night Time Attack, Grip and daytime drifting practice sessions are also available

I copied and pasted this from their website. sounds like tons of fun!!! and its only $20 for an hour of track time! not really into drifting my GTI MK6 but I would love to swing it around the corners!!!

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