Air Conditioning blowing warm air.


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So I've been doing a lot of research on why my car is only blowing warm air when I have my AC on. So far i've come up with it needing a recharge and maybe a fan motor?? Has anyone come across this? if so, what did you do to overcome the issue? I just want AC haha.


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Did you find out what was wrong with your A/C?

I had a similar problem with my 2013 GTI - A/C not working at all. When I pressed the A/C button on the climatronic, the light on the button came on, but nothing else happened. The air didn't get cold, and I didn't hear the compressor engage.

Yesterday I brought the car in to have it looked at. The dealer asked if I wanted the full recharge and diagnosis, or just the recharge. I opted for just the recharge. Now I think I made a mistake - should have got the diagnosis too before the warranty expires. If dealer wanted to be helpful they should have advised me to take the diagnosis, but they probably want me to come back after warranty expires and then pay for another recharge and the diagnosis.


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There is a valve on the compressor that goes bad, the link KyleA provided is the quick and easy fix. I replaced mine after my buddy told me about the fix, still works fine now and it's been a year +. It'll cost around $180-ish in total. VW's sourced compressors are weak when compared to other automakers.


They had a similar fiasco with the MKV line and even some earlier MK6 models with the condenser unit falling apart and destroying the compressor. 2 months after owning the MKV I had to get the A/C completely rebuilt/replaced. I've been weary to turn the A/C on in these cars ever since.


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Hi, my father had a similar situation. He bought a new car a couple of months ago. A week after he bought a car, his air conditioning broke down. I've never seen my father so angry. He first tried to fix the air conditioner himself, but it didn't work. Then he told about it to his friends, who also did not know what to do. Then I sat down and decided to search the Internet for some service. After five minutes of searching, I found a professional service for air conditioners at favorable prices. I decided to take my father's car to the service to the guys, and they did everything within an hour. Then I brought my dad back the car, he was very happy when he saw that the air conditioner works.
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