Airbag Crash Sensor Rear Driver side(left side) B101804


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hi, i have golf 6 variant 2.0 tdi

i have a very strange problem with airbag sensor on left rear side

i have this fault code (B101804) only when i make hard turn on left side on higher speed, but it wont popup if i drive slowly, i had a feeling that some cable is in stress when i make hard left turn

and after ingnition cycle its shows me that its intermittent error, i also tried opening and checking the sensor that it didnt had any play or stress or damaged, but sensor looks good for me from outside

and i have obd11 and i checked scanner connected to obd2 port while driving and when i make the turn(left side) airbag error pops up, and then the fault code was static , and i read alot of information on google search they suggust to check the wiring and wire is located under the still trim and i didnt checked it

could someone guide me what would be the problem or reason for this kind of problem


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I have a similar problem with my Right hand drive 2011 Golf Sportsline estate 2.0 litre tdi automatic. The airbag sensor is showing a fault with the drivers side rear airbag. OBD shows error code B101804, I’ve located the sensor which has the number 1K0909606D. I’m finding it difficult to source that exact number but can get 1K0909606C. any of you clever people know if that would do the job?


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