Best wife/gf quotes about cars


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I found this thread idea from a ferrari forum so lets see how it goes. Here are some examples from the ferrari forum...

"in 2000, we went on a tour around eastern france in the 512tr. we arrived in nancy, did atour of the central square and then stopped in front of our hotel. i left her in the car while i went to find out where the parking area was. when i came back out, there was a crowd of about a dozen young men around the car. i parted the crowd, and got into the car, whereupon my wife says to me, 'i am insulted. this is the first time men have come to take a look a car instead of ME !"
the same scene was repeated nearly every gas station and hotel stop over the week."

"You won't sell this car. You love this car more than you love me".

To which I reply.

"It's not that I love it more, it's just that I've known it longer and spent more time inside of it".

I can't believe I'm still alive!"


:D thats a good one spend more time inside of it... hah classic


Damn, that's a good reply man!

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My girlfriend drives a Mini Cooper and recently drove the GTI for the first time, after getting out of the car she says "I'm terrified, but I like it". :p


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My friend's mom: "Your dad loves his 911GT3 so much, he should divorce me and marry it. He spends enough time in the garage as it is!"


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"You can't possibly buy another car, the garage is full!"
"Hun, there's still tons of space in the yard."

And of course the Jeff Foxworthy classic: "Come move this transmission so I can take a bath."
Which, like it or not, has probably been muttered by a woman in my family tree at least once.

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So when it came time to change the spark plugs on my last car I told the wife what I was planning to do that day. Later on, while eating dinner she asks "So tell me again what you did today, you changed your sparkles right?" I still LOL to this day.