black wheels on UG MKVI


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Hey all,

Currently I'm an owner of a CW MKV GTI but I'm in the process of ordering myself a UG MKVI GTI. One of the first mods I'm going to make is to change the wheels and right now I'm thinking of changing them to the OZ Superturismo's in black. Does anyone have any pics of these on a United Grey MK6 GTI? Any photoshopped ones?



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I gotta ask, why black wheels? They really don't stand out against the tire and the wheel well, and basically just disappear. You might as well get steelies, paint them black, and save money.


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I don't know, something about black wheels just make it look more aggressive. I like the look. I really liked the MKV's Hufs but I don't like the MKVI's... they're black in the inside and look kinda cheap. Just trying to see how a UG MKVI would look with black wheels to see what I should look for once my car comes..


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Sorry for the lateness of this reply, not sure if you've found a photo of the UG with black wheels or not yet (I just joined this forum this week), but if you go to you can show the MkVI with any of the wheels they sell...a pretty cool simulator. Hope this helps.