BRAND NEW - Front to Rear Footwell Conversion Kit – Plug & Play

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We are excited to announce this new product.

This works with all cars that have front footwells already:
1) Our LED simply plugs into the housing
2) A wire runs a LED strip to the back and that is it!
3) You now have rear/front footwells in seconds.

Yes - no joke that is it! NO MORE MESSING WITH housings / splicing wires / removing panels / coding. That is in the past!

Choose from bright white, red or blue!

We have DIY/Reviews coming out but have been flooded with emails so we want everyone who is interested to send an email and follow/sub this thread - we will update the thread with videos and listing soon.

Please email for info and be the first to receive these when they launch!

Thank you
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GolfMK6 Official Vendor
how will you used you front/rear color changers this year?



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link to product?