CGSM Owners: What wheels are you going with?


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CSGM Owners: What wheels are you going with?

So I will be picking up my CGSM soon and I can't decide what wheels look the best with the color. I pretty much think just the basic machined looking color looks the best, but am curious to see what other people are doing.
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CGSM? Carbon Steel Grey?

I'll likely be going with a silver paint or (possibly, once I see some pics to confirm the look) a gunmetal finish. Gunmetal is great at hiding brake dust :)


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I still have another month or two to think about it, but right now I'm leaning towards anthracite OZ Alleggeritas on mine. I think the VW Goals in anthracite would also look sharp.

Basically, I want the wheel colour to match the car (as close as possible, anyway). Kind of a stealth look, which I think works great on dark grey cars.

I'll keep the stock Denvers for winter: I wasn't crazy about them at first, but they've really grown on me. Still don't like the Detroits, though.

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i've been spending the last month trying to decide on a wheel. agree with you, i think the machined finish looks the best on our color.

every time i see a CSG with aftermarket wheels, i keep thinking i prefer the look of the stock detroits.

if i do replace i'm leaning towards some RS4 reps in a black machine finish. i know it will look good, but think i'd actually miss my detroits.

right now i'm holding out to see more wheels, but unfortunately because it's a new color there aren't too many pics available.