ChiChat19: 10k Posts Achieved In Revived Dead Thread


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Porsche pads dust like a MF. Not much you can do about it, other than buy a car with PCCBs.

And once you live in/near good roads... it's very, very hard to be without. It took me a while to get over the withdrawal symptoms when I left Seattle and moved back to Chicago (a group of us used to hit up the foothills on lunch breaks!... Miss those days a little.)
You’ve got some of the best roads in the country in your backyard now though!


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I just learn to love the dust. I can't imagine ever going back to street pads in my car. I enjoy stopping fast more than going fast
I don’t mind it. I wear it as a badge of honor. This car is all about being driven, hard, and that’s what I’m gonna do!


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So I know why my handling was poor on that last run up Azusa. It wasn’t just cold tires lol


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So I’m a dummy. Turns out, somehow the inner tie rod has somehow backed out on both sides. Not sure how this happened. Maybe the guy at last alignment forgot to tighten them or didn’t tighten them enough. The jam nut couldn’t be moved by hand, so u just tightened it from the inner tie rod. Now, I’ll probably have to go get the alignment checked. Lame.