coilover owners


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how often do ytou adjust your height? looking to get coils but im not sure. maybe spring and struts will be better for me.

im not tracking, just spritited driving
want less than or equal to 25, 24.5 ftg


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I have yet to adjust since putting them on and its been 10k miles. I guess when you find the right height that meets your requirements there isnt a real need to change too much.


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I adjusted mine about 6 different times to get the initial height correct. After that, I didnt touch them.


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The major advantage of having coilovers over springs is...of course the ability to adjust the ride height to your needs/liking. If you go with springs and after the install the car still looks a tad high, you're stuck with that setup. Might as well do it right the first time by installing coilovers. Depending on your budget, there are plenty of entry-level kits out there. Last week, I installed a set of Solo Werks S1 on my GTI and have no complaints.


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I adjusted the height close to where I want it, went to the alignment shop, the tech interviews me to see what kind of driving style I have, corner balances the car, aligns according to my driving style (street, novice track, experienced track, pro track), readjusts height and corner balance, readjusts alignement, then back to the corner balance to readjust height at each corner, then align, then adjust height, then align, then adjust height... the whole process takes about 3 hours to get right...

Makes a significant difference in how the car feels, how it reacts, how it grips makes the money spent on coilovers worth it:)

IMHO if you have coilovers, take advantage of the fact that you can corner balance it... if not get a matched spring and shock (cupkit) since it'll be corner balanced already and set...

if you're getting coilovers to readjust the height for the winter... just corner balance and take note of the height so you can readjust back to that height...