DIY: Sequential LED Mirror Signals and Puddle Lamp


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Recently I ordered some Helix Sequential LED Mirror Signals and they also include the puddle lamps which I thought was cool. They are all built in with a removable bulb, it's the actual lower housing all in one. The sequential LED's flash from the inner most portion and work outward but best of all you can get them in Clear or Smoke. Here is a comparison:

Sequential LED Video - CLICK ME

I figured might as well do an all in one DIY to help those who are looking and bouncing between 3 separate post like I did. On that note Id like to give credit to the following folks or websites for pics and information:

SaNGRia - GolfMK6 Forums
VW Pfeffer - Vortex
SteveP - MK6GolfGTI Forum

DISCLAIMER: Please use all appropriate precautions while installing to ensure personal safety and prevent any vehicle damage. This is how we chose to perform the installation, your car may vary. By choosing to use this guide the end user assumes all liability.
1) Angle the mirror lens inward to the car. Reach your fingers far behind the glass and begin to push outward with even pressure. Use your other hand on the glass to make sure pressure is even and you are not ‘bending’ the mirror. Do not over exert or use anything to pry as the stress can fracture the mirror lens.

2) Once the lens is removed, remove the two T10 Torx screws to remove the frame from the housing.

3) There are two clips that lock the housing together. Disengage those and the housing frame will separate pulling forward.

4) Remove the top painted housing by pushing towards front of vehicle.

5) To remove the bottom housing, squeeze the circled clip and drop downward to remove. Unplug the connector going to the turn signal and replace with new lower.

6) Plug connector back into the turn signal socket and test. Align the connector and ensure the pins go into the connector. Now test by pressing your hazard switch. If your LEDs are not coming on, turn off hazards and check to make sure the PINs are aligned to your connector.
7) If you choose to wire up the optional Puddle Lights, continue to the Puddle Lamp write up below and do not close up your mirror just yet. Otherwise, if you will not be doing the puddle lamps you won’t need the included bulb socket and wires. Simply remove those and reverse the steps above to put back your mirror.

NOTE: You will need to remove your door panels and VAG COM to add this function on your vehicle.
The puddle lamp wire includes the terminal wire end for 12v plug and play installation. No additional repair wire is needed.
1) To ground the puddle lamp you can use the supplied red Scotch Lock and crimp the short Black wire from the puddle light bulb to the Mirror Defroster ground wire. (Black with Blue Stripe) In the image below it shows the two wires optionally soldered together.

2) DOOR DISASSEMBLY: Remove the cover on the face of the door panel by prying outward and it will pop off. Start closest to window switch then work outward. Once all the clips are free you need to pull forward.

3) There are 4 Torx screws total holding the door panel on. (3) Behind the panel and (1) at the very bottom of the door.

4) Once the screws are removed, tug the panel separating it from the door. There are several clips attaching the panel to the door.

5) Remove the door handle and place your door panel is a safe place.

6) Begin to route the White wire through the mirror channel into the interior side of the door. In the bottom near the window motor you will find a 16-pin connector. There are other connectors in this area so make sure you find the 16-pin.

7) ADDING THE POWER WIRE TO THE DOOR 16-PIN CONNECTOR: Pull the red tab outward first, then remove the connector. Disassemble the connector by lifting a locking clip on one side then slide the wires outward and insert the pin into Slot 10.

A) Open Vag Com and Select “Door Elect, Driver”
B) Select “Coding”
C) Copy and paste your coding values in a word document incase of error.
D) Add 2 to your code and enter the new value. (i.e.-if value is 1020 + 2 = 1022 is the new value)
E) Click “Do It” to save and close the controller.
F) You will need to follow the same Vag Com steps for the Passenger side. Otherwise only one side will light. Use “Door Elect, Pass.” for the passenger puddle lamp.

9) Test the puddle lights by locking/unlocking your car with your key fob. Once working, reverse instructions to put back your door panels.

And here is the final result:

Mirror Signal/Puddle Lamp GB Thread
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Great Write Up! :thumbsup::word::word:


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Did you cut a hole for the puddle lights? I was a little confused by the DIY.

No, these actually are all in one. For people who don't want puddle lights or to remove door panel I split it up... Only because I'm lazy and debated doing it. LMAO

Ill clear it up in OP.



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In for more info, was thinking of doing the puddle light diy in spring but if this is all in one without cutting im down.