Downpipe vs Turbo Back


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I am sure it has been discussed before but I could not find much on it. Please point me to right direction if there is a active thread on this.

I am curious to see if getting a whole TBE is worth it or just a DP will provide majority of performance increase? I hear people saying DP makes a noticeable difference, how about DP vs TBE?


Just get a DP.


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Noise also depends on the Cat-back. Our exhaust is very refined for daily driving and really opens up when you get on it. Plus maintaining a 3in diameter through the exhaust removes all bottle necks you wouldn't be able to remove with just the downpipe.


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The downpipe will make your car sound louder than stock. The cat-back can be quite or loud, whatever you prefer, but will make your car sound much nicer. Performance wise, and if you're short on $$ i'd say just go for the downpipe. Plus, you're better off getting yourself like an S3 Intercooler for the price of the cat-back if your looking for bang for your buck. Check my sig for mod list.

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Get a DP. It 80 plus percent of the total gain and if you want it quite then get it catted and throw in a resonator if you have a DSG to kill the braaapp sound on each shift.


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If you're on a budge, just get a downpipe

The stock cat-back flows really well actually and isn't that restrictive. It's the downpipe that is THE restriction.
Changing out the cat-back just changes the volume/tone/sound of the exhaust...nothing else really

So why do I have a cat-back & only Stage 1?
Well I was Stage 2, but just took the downpipe off. The exhaust sounded "tinny" on cold starts with a catless downpipe (which is expected) & the stock cat-back exhaust. So that's why I got the Magnaflow...for a deeper sound.
I like the look of the bigger exhaust tips too