Emissions on the Wasatch front


The guy that I’ve gone to for the last five years to get my emissions and registration done in Salt Lake County has told me that the Wasatch front is starting to do a visual inspection in addition to the OBD test. It used to be that you could get away with one fail in the OBD test and you’d be good. But now they want to do a visual. He is telling me I need to switch back to the stock down pipe. I am a on APR stage two tune with an APR downpipe. And have never had any troubles, passing inspection/ emissions, etc.. He told me I should register my car in one of the adjacent counties which don’t even look at your emissions at all. Have any of you done this? What are you guys doing? Again I’m in the Wasatch front Salt Lake County (State of Utah, in case you don’t know) area and have an MK 6 GTI with stage two APR.