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Forge Cold Air Intake Issue mk6


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Hi guys,

I installed a Forge CAI about 5 years ago on my MK6 118tsi. Awesome noise and loved it every second.....

Recent small ding on the front (which got repaired body work only) and then hearing a weird noise on front.

Went to investigate and notice the cold air intake inlet form the front is loose with one bolt broken and the other having the screw mount fractured..and its hitting the housing of the fan.. fml.

Was interested to know how to fix, or if anyone can point me in the direction of someone who can fix it.
I live in Sydney and have no idea what to do with this situation :/

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You would probably have to plastic weld a new piece on the intake but im sure you could find a way to zip tie it on until/if it gets fixed


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I had an issue with my Forge WINtake (wrong sensor position revision pipe) and their customer service was extremely helpful getting me out the correct part. I'm sure they would be willing to sell you just this metal reducer piece.