FS: BNIB - APR 2.0TSI transverse K04 kit + software + APR Downpipe


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Selling BNIB - APR 2.0TSI transverse K04 kit + software + APR Down pipe

I just purchased this kit, after re-evaluating finances I'm not going to install it. I was able to get a very excellent deal on the kit and all I'm asking is exactly what I paid for it, which is considerably less than any Canadian retailer is able to offer it for.

Since it was never installed the software access code is valid.

The kit is complete and never taken out of the box. The down pipe box is still sealed.


$2,384.10 is the US sale price for the K04 kit
$629 is the US sale price for the down pipe

ALSO included

5 Liters of Motul Specific 505.01, 502.00 & 505.00 SAE 5w40 Oil, Oil Filter & 4 Liters of Inugel Optimal Ultra (Concentrated) - Organic - $75 from APR when you buy the kit.

For you guys doing the math - there isn't any of room in there for shipping, duties or taxes.

Price isn't negotiable this time guys and not looking to part it out.

If you wish to ship, I can but would be at your expense and would be 3% for paypal fee's.

Would prefer a local GTA buyer.

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Bump for an awesome kit, one that's on my project list down the road.

Tim Han

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ah..... damn.. too soon... my K04 fund isn't full yet and this just came up... I am so sad... : (


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No worries :) For any Canadian, this is a fireball of a deal.... for some reason dealers up here are not able to come remotely close to US.


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i'd be in for the k04, but dont need the dp...
if you consider parting it, let me know :)