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So I've been looking for wheels but i mainly want silver ultraleggeras since they have that hyper silver finish and just look so nice and simple with the perfect amount of spokes but i cant find them for sale and i can get rota torques for a good price...not sure if i want rotas but i can get them with tires for just under 600.
If somone can photoshop some wheels on this would be nice:w00t:

These are the wheels i have in mind.

Also a set of konig runaways in hyper grey to be chopped on

and enkei RPF-1's in silver or gunmetal. I can get these also for a decent price but not sure if they'd look good. All wheels in 18"s.


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Not looking to threadjack, but why is it that I always see those stock mkvi wheels in pictures (the first link here), but you can't build a car with them on, and I can't seem to find them anywhere for purchase? I thought they'd make pretty decent winter wheels, even if they look heavy, though maybe they're 18's. Anyone have any info on this?

Re: wheel choice, it's a personal design preference, but stronger and lighter is always good if you have any sort of sporting intentions with the car, of course. Personally, I think the design of the car is shown off best with chunky wheels.


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Those wheels are called "Bilbao" sized 18x7.5" and available as an option on the Golf GT in the European market


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I also think the design of the car is shown well with chunky wheels but i also noticed this car looks good with multi spoke wheels. Reg 5 spoke wheels dont seem to cut it. I could get some SSR wheels too but i cant picture this car on 5 spoke gunmetal wheels for some reason. If someone could do those photoshops i'd appreciate it :)