help picking new wheels


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under 2k. used or new.
prefer genuine wheels, maybe good quality reps if it comes down to it

looking at used bbs ch-r's
really want rs-gt's but thats like impossible haha

oh and 18 in


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keep an eye on They have a pretty good 5x114.3 selection which can easily be run with wobble bolts, if the offset is reasonable.


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Wheels IMO are very subjective. I searched up wheel/GTI pics for many months over the winter before i decided. And even when you do like some, it can be a tough decision.

One thing I can say, i see these threads all the time and it seems everyone leans toward the same wheels pretty much. Similar styles and brands. If you look outside the box i notice everyone takes offense to people who go a different route or style. Get what you like, try to be innovative and not follow. It seems most all pics are the same handful of wheels.

another thing to consider is finish IMO, Many of the wheels that are powdercoated dont tend to look so great after a season. I tried to stick to a machined face to help with longevity. Just some advice.