Hey Guys! It's been a minute (Music Content)


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Totally dropped out of the car scene to devote 100% of my time and money on building my music career vs. hooking up my car lol

Anyway, hope you guys are doing well, I'll stick around for a bit and catch up on all your builds!

As I mentioned, I am building a reputation and following from the ground up. These past couple months I've invested over $3k in music equipment, with plans to finish my studio in early November and release a big single in January (I've been working with some VERY talented producers who have been helping me)

I locked in a residency at a local lounge and play there 3 times a week and even got in touch with a manager who is finding me gigs and arranging all sorts of cool promotions for me.

Anyway, I'm just reaching out to all the communities I was a part of to hopefully build up a bit of a bigger following. I'm not asking you guys to blindly "like" my page because although pointless ticks on a fan page look nice, I'd much rather have them be people who actually like what I'm doing.

Here's a link to my soundcloud first and foremost where I post a bunch of new mixes with free downloads (a new one is set to release later this week)

And here is my Facebook page where you guys can keep up to date with upcoming gigs and show some support :)

Thanks guys (didn't mean for my first post in months to be "spam" just looking for a little bit of help and spreading music!)
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Cool man! Glad to hear you're doing well and seeing some success with the music scene :thumbsup:


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Good stuff bud. Is your car around still?

Best of luck. Smart to focus and work your butt off. Should pay off.


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Like the tunes mate. Keep it up.


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Thanks guys :) the car is still on the road lol nothing new with it though. Just registered as a domain and I have an NYC gig in November and a Massachussetes gig sometime in December so like the page to get updates on when you can catch me live! Can't wait to finally buy Mac Pro after my birthday in October and get cracking on an EP. I'm a perfectionist too so I won't release anything I wouldn't play to a crowd of 10,000 crazy festival fans lol


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Really dig your mixes! Definetely playing them next time im cruising in my gti


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I've been neglecting the crap out of my car lately. Haven't done a single mod in months, all my interior bulbs need to be replaced because nearly all the LED bulbs have gone out, my fender was hit in a parking lot, and all in all, she's a mess. But on the brightside, all that money has gone to this...

my little man cave.

also, starting on putting some releases out...

and I have a gig lined up in Boston on January 19th as well as me doing several clubs around NYC again.

Was just featured on 95.3FM in New England to promote the upcoming party I'm on.

I could use some help though, guys, I'm being scouted by a huge club in NYC.

The opportunity is amazing and they love my performances and mixes but they aren't impressed with my current following (understandable I only started this alias a year ago and had to build a new reputation from scratch)

so if you guys have a second to spare, help me get a very good residency in NYC by hitting up my fan page and clicking like. I'm never one to buy my fans or run ads or event to spam, it's simply, if you like my music or want to see me make my dreams come true, help me out. If it's not your cup of tea, don't sweat it :)


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looking good man! can't wait to download your summer 2013 track (if or when you have one) :thumbsup: