how to paint wheels


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should get a golf sportline soon, thinking of painting the wheels black, anyone knows how to do this, bring it to a specialised shop or is there some paint or spray available for this?

anyone had it done? how much did u pay?

Big Si

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I'd say to take them to a bodyshop unless you know what you are doing or have the correct equipment, i'm sure any bodyshop would be happy to give you a quote, I wouldn't use main dealer though!!


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I painted my wheels on my old car, an they have looked great since the day I did them (almost 2 1/2 years ago). It just takes a decent amount of time and effort.


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media blast then powdercoat is the way to go. Look for a shop that specializes in powdercoating - black is pretty easy, custom colors will be a bit more difficult.

You can try it yourself first if you wish with primer and rattlecan paint, if you really screw 'em up and decide to have them powdercoated later the media blast will blast off any mistakes you make ;)