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DSG / S-tronic Performance Programming

HPA’s renowned DSG performance software[/B][/URL] is available for all VW/Audi DQ250 DSG gearboxes, including the Audi A3/A3 TDI, Audi TT-S, Mk5/6 Golf/GTI/Jetta/GLI, and VW Passat/CC.

DQ200 (7-speed), DQ500 (TT-RS, Transporter, etc.), and DL501 (B8 Audi Chassis) are on schedule for release in the near future…

DSG Stages

DSG performance involves a synergetic relationship between shift call outs, engine load, driver demand, and mechanical execution. Within these relationships, a harmonic balance must be maintained to ensure the various integrated systems work together and do not overpower their basic limitations.

In addition, with the TDI gaining in popularity, HPA has assembled a TDI-Specific DSG upgrade suited to the power characteristics of this fuel efficient power plant. The DSG is a brilliant piece of technology, and HPA has now perfected its union with the TDI engine.

HPA's Stage 2 / Stage 2 TDI DSG Program includes following features:

Progressive Shift Response
Torque Limit Increase
Launch Control
Increased Red Line
Eliminated Automatic Shifting
In-Dash Gear Display

Detailed information on these features, and our TDI-specific benefits can be found here.

Stage 3 software is a must for all 400+ HP applications and those drivers who demand the most out of their chassis in D, S, or M mode. In addition to the upgrades offered in the Stage 2 package, Stage 3 includes the following benefits listed here.

For DSG equipped cars with modified Forced Induction applications, or those boasting 450+HP, the Stage 4 offering is a necessity. It offers all of the benefits of Stage 3, but is fully customized to suit your vehicle needs. Details here.

All HPA DSG offerings are available in house at HPA, through our worldwide dealer network, and through our loaner tool program.

For those interested in HPA ECU Software as well, special combo pricing is available upon request. Please contact HPA for details.

Additional details on HPA's DSG / S-tronic Performance Programming can be found here.

If you have additional questions regarding these or any other HPA products, feel free to IM or e-mail us directly.

To order any of our performance products/software, contact HPA Motorsports at 604.888.7274 and place your order. Visa and MasterCard are accepted, and PayPal can be set up upon request.


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Come see the HPA Booth at Waterfest in NJ this year July 19th and 20th!

We'll have many of our products on display, and a few new developments as well. :thumbup:

Plus, as always, there are bound to be a few show specials that make coming to the show worthwhile. ;)

Can't make it to the show? Send me an e-mail with the product you're most interested in picking up this Summer, and I'll see what I can do to help...:cool:

Lastly, check our Facebook page, and the HPA Website Blog frequently for July promotions you will not want to miss. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


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No waiting list on our flashing tools. Awaken your sluggish, automatic-feeling DSG gearbox into the true sequential gearbox it was meant to be. The car will even feel faster! :clap:
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