HS Tuning - Introducing Bilt Hamber detailing products!

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We are pleased to announce that we are now the only importer of Bilt Hamber detailing products in the United States!

We have in stock a full line of supplies ready to ship.
Over the past few months we have been doing testing and samples of the Bilt Hamber products and the results have been exceptional. Their products have won many awards over the years and are considered one of Britain's best.

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A highly powerful, environmental friendly vehicle shampoo, that allows you to gently and effortless clean your vehicle. Anti-corrosive formula will allow you to use it on all surfaces without risk. Highly concentrated bottle so you will only need 1 teaspoon to a bucket for a wash.

Auto-Wheel non acid wheel cleaner
A non-acid, non-alkaline wheel cleaner that is safe to use on all wheels, even paint and powder coat. It effortlessly reacts and demolishes brake dust, dirt, and grime and in most cases is a touch less solution.

Auto-QD quick detailing spray
A unique concentrated quick detailing spray that will enhance the shine and protect your automotive paint. Quickly revives gloss, and prevents water spotting. Excellent results when paired with out auto-balm or finis-wax.

The high grade T1 carnauba wax is used as the backbone to provide a deep rich gloss, whilst unlike other automotive waxes excellent gloss, ease of application and buffabilty are provided by other gloss enhancing molecules. Outperforms other far more expensive carnauba based waxes.

Korrosol fallout remover
A controlled pH non-alkaline fallout remover for the safe and effective removal of embedded metallic particles that contaminate the vast majority of road going vehicles. Korrosol’s effective formula is simply sprayed onto the contaminated panel a rapid and dramatic colour change takes place which indicates that the corroded part is water soluble after which a rinse with water leaves the panel free of metallic embedment. Korrosol is safe to use on all auto body paint finishes including lacquers.

Auto clay soft
Auto-clay soft provides a method of removing harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes, improving its durability and increasing the gloss level of subsequent waxes. Its excellent for frequent use, less contaminated paint and winter / cold climate use. Softest compound.

Auto clay medium
Bilt–Hamber auto-clay medium 200g is an easy-to-use paint cleaning clay that provides a fast and efficient method for removing embedded particulate contamination from vehicle paints and clear coat finishes. The extremely small and soft particles that make up the soft pliable mass ensure that the clay is as gentle as possible to the paint surface while imparting a powerful pulling action on the embedment. Medium compound.

Auto clay regular
Auto-clay regular provides a method of removing harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes, improving its durability and increasing the gloss level of subsequent waxes. auto-clay regular is ideally suited to cars not previously clayed, heavily contaminated or for the removal of overspray. It's also great for hot summer months or warmer climates. Hardest compound.

A plush real sheepskin mitt with a deep pile to prevent swirl marks caused by grit entrapment caused by firmer materials. Recognised as teh finest way to wash a vehicle's paintwork sheep's wool is the better way to care for you finish at the washing stage.
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