HYDE16 Reviews - Unitronic 2.0 TSI Cold Air Intake System


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Disclaimer: I am only providing my feedback to help people decide if they feel they would benefit from what I have installed in my own car.

After my Unitronic K04 (“Stage 2+”) Software review, I came across the newly released Unitronic 2.0 TSI Cold Air Intake System. I wanted to see how the new intake system would work with my K04 (“Stage 2+”) software. I was all for enhancing the sound of my K04 turbocharger and diverter valve (see HYDE16 Reviews - Synapse Synchronic Diverter Valve & ModshackTTuned DV Relocation)

Unitronic 2.0 TSI Cold Air Intake System Unboxing:
The Unitronic parts were protected and packaged very well. The smaller hardware parts were all sealed in individual bags and kept together so as to not become lost in the bubble wrapping. The intake tube and heat shield had a nice powder coated finish complete with etched Unitronic logo. The air filter is a dry element cotton filter with Unitronic stamped logo at the rubber end.

Unitronic 2.0 TSI Cold Air Intake System Hardware:
Unitronic 3" Powdercoated Aluminum Intake Tube
Unitronic 4-ply 3" to 2.25" Silicone Reducer
Unitronic 4-ply 3" Silicone Strait Coupler
Unitronic 4-ply 3" Silicone Elbow
Unitronic 3" Dry Air Filter
Unitronic Powdercoated Aluminum Heat Shield
Coolant Hose Mounting Clip
Stainless Steel Hardware
Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

Unitronic 2.0 TSI Cold Air Intake System Installation:
Installation is very straightforward for anyone that has put an intake system together before. I started with bolting the heat shield to the OEM bolt post location in front of the battery box and installing a bolt the backside of the grill. Next, I installed the coolant hose mounting clip on the underside of the heat shield to keep the coolant line in place. From there I installed the filter inside the heat shield and worked my way back to the MAF with the large 90 degree silicone hose. Next I installed the post MAF silicone coupler and then the intake pipe. Afterwards I connected the intake pipe to the turbo with the last remaining coupler, bolted the intake pipe bracket to the OEM heat shield mount and connected the PCV breather hose to the turbo inlet nipple on the intake pipe.

Unitronic Intake


Tubing Bracket & Logo

Heat Shield

Filter & Hardware


Turbo Coupler

Turbo Connection

Catch Can Connection[/B]


Heat Shield



Unitronic 2.0 TSI Cold Air Intake System Overall Results and Recommendations:
This intake system’s fit and finish are excellent. The intake tube, silicone hoses, heat shield or filter do not interfere with any other part of the engine bay. They do not touch the brake fluid resevoir or cause vibrations when the car is on. Unitronic’s intake tubing has the beefiest mount to secure it to the OEM heat shield, this intake does not move at all. What I like about the Unitronic intake tube is that it’s a true 3” pipe design from the post MAF coupler back to the turbo inlet coupler. The Unitronic intake tube diameter does not reduce in size as it approaches the turbo, rather the turbo inlet coupler reduces from 3” to 2.25”. This design allows for a true 3” intake tube up until the turbo inlet coupler giving it a very minor transition in diameter size right at the point of the turbo inlet.

Data = VagCom logs show no sign of MAF issues or fuel trim concerns, the intake system was an easy installation and seamless transition.
Sound = with the K04 turbo the open filter design is much louder (which I’m ok with), after my custom diverter valve relocation the off-throttle DV noise is much more prominent. Stop on the gas and you hear that turbo spool up.
Air filter = the lengthwise straight walled filter seems to benefit from the air coming through the grill and hitting a lot of filter surface area. To my surprise air filter stays very clean for an open filter design.
Heat = There have been debates on open vs. closed filter designs. Both advertise cooler intake temps but I feel an open design would allow for constant air flow movement over the filter. Trapping heat in a specific location for an extended period of time could lead to higher intake temperatures. For my setup I added the ModshackTTuned low profile engine trim and DEI gold foil tape to the Unitronic aluminum intake tube. The ModshackTTuned low profile engine trim converts the sealed engine bay into a minor cowl induction hood to reduce engine bay temperatures as air enters through the grill and escapes between the rain tray and the underside of the hood. My own testing during a monsoon rain storm showed a perfectly dry engine bay. The DEI gold foil tape should reduce radiant heat and initial intake temperatures but after the aluminum intake tube becomes heat soaked, I assume the DEI gold foil may actually prolong heat soak. Between my upgraded intercooler and the addition of my Aquamist HFS-4 water methanol system, I don’t feel this heat soak is a concern for my setup.


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whats a Modshack low profile engine trim?


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whats a Modshack low profile engine trim?

Removes the factory seal between the Hood an the rain tray. Allows cooling air in when moving (cowl induction) and hot air out when stationary...



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intake looks sweet.

i gotta clean my engine more often.


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Looks great! How's the performance comparison?

Data logs look great, sound increased, no change in feel.

Damn nice looking intake but im on APR tune and want to see if they play nice together.

They will work together just fine, MAF location is not an issue.

Was it ever discussed why the heat shield/ tray was left open vs fully closed on the bottom?

Uni said that they believe in moving air, not trapped air which can heat up. Air enters through the grill scoop and hits the front of the filter, air from the lower grill can make it's way up to the underside of the filter.