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    Hey I heard you sell a bracket to help with the pedal vibrations after installing APR stage 2 intake; I have a 2013 MK6. How much is it?
    Hello Steve,

    Are you still making the intakes for mk6 GTIs? I am new to it all and I am looking for a few mods to start off and have some fun learning about the car. I would much rather support someone who does it out of passion and fun than a big company.
    Hello Steve.

    I am interested in a low profile rain tray seal. You still making them?
    Hi modshack,
    I've seen your name all over the forums, I recently installed my spring kit, and now my brake pedal is vibrating at red lights, I do not feel like it when I'm driving and I do not feel it when I put the car in neutral, it only vibrates when I'm at a red light in drive, I have an mk6 gti dsg, I was wondering if that mount you were selling to fix this issue is still for sale? And if it'll apply to my bsh race intake?

    Hi Modshack,
    I've seen some great reviews for your intake system and I have to say that I love the look and the fact that it's a low profile, American Made by one of our forum members. Are you still making these for the MK6? (I see you have them for TTDA) Also how long does it usually take for you to deliver? I'm going to be going stage 1 in the spring and I'd love use your intake system over the carbino intake. Lastly, how do these intakes handle inclimate weather? I live in Wisconsin and we can get -20 below and plenty of snow, which leads to salt on the roads which will eat away at a car.

    Thanks a ton!
    Hi i am looking for an intake with a low profile engine trim to Canada but heard you arent making them anymore.... true? Also, whats the pricing and most economical shipping you offer? I am not in a hurry to get it but I am in a hurry to order if you plan to stop making them!
    I was wondering about your RPI/Wilwood setup that you use to have on your TT. Did you use some sort of adapter on the caliper for the brake lines? Wilwood seems to use an NPT fitting and I'm looking to adapt that to a banjo bolt setup. Wondering if that is possible.

    Ok, I sent payment. .
    My address should be with payment but if not its,
    Matt Burgess
    219 Clarence street
    Cranston, Rhode Island
    I am interested in purchasing the low profile trim for my engine. Do you have the trim in red by chance? How much will this cost shipped to Texas? Thanks for your time :)
    I didn't have any drone before or after the install. Maybe you should ask on the forum of SPM owners...Seems there's been a few threads on this..
    Okay. Even though yours was an APR, did you have any drone while accelerating after you added the resonator. I am thinking a different resonator, like the one your added to your system may be quieter and hopefully eliminates the drone.
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