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So I got a 2010 GTI with about 43,000 miles on it. Love the car. But just like everyone else here ill be making a few "minor" tweaks. The car is pretty much a base 4 door model. No sunroof or nav and 17 inch denver wheels. Sorry about the phone pics!

Mods List:

Billy Boat CBE - Installed
Billy Boat DP - Installed
CC R-Line Wheels - Installed
H&R Street Performance SS Coilovers - Installed
Eds HID Headlights - Installed
Depo R LED Tails Dark Cherry - Installed
APR Carbonio Intake - Installed
ECS Dogbone Mount Insert - Not Installed
OEM Golf Grill - Installed
OEM Lower Lip Spoiler - Installed
D1 Spec Throttle Controller - Uninstalled
APR Stage 2 - Installed
APR Front Sway Bar - Not Installed
APR Rear Sway Bar - Not Installed

To Do:
Meth Injection - Maybe
K04 - Hopefully

My carbonio intake came but i then realized that it was only the breather filter because the actual intake is on back order.

I also got my tires. Ventus v12s but they are the wrong size so there going back to the tire rack.

Billy Boat CBE showed up. Looks amazing! Cant wait to install it.

Dont worry they didnt package it like that, i just had to open it up and look. Haha :thumbup:

Tried to install the exhaust today but the bolts on the clamps were completely rusted over so they ended up getting stripped. Ive got to find another tool to help get the clamp off.

Got some decals

Neuspeed RSe14s come today. They look fantastic. Also the new tires came in.

We had to saw off the clamps but it worked and finally we got the exhaust installed!

LED Tails installed.


Carbonio is next.

Installed the carbonio intake. It sounds great and the install was pretty easy.

OEM Golf grill OEM lower lip spoiler and Ed's headlights came. Love the way they look.

Ecs Geomet rotors installed in the front and the rear. Also I had the suspension raised a little. Billy boat DP came. I going to try and install that soon. Pics of the DP to come.

Downpipe is on. The car sounds much better now. Its a little bit louder too.

Painted the stock grill.

A little teaser of whats to come...

New wheels and tires!

CC R-Line Wheels

Went badgeless
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Does anyone have a good way to get these clamps off?


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Hmm didn't have issues with those.. use an extractor on the bolts if they're both really stripped?


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Tried an extractor. It seems like it would work but the kit was missing the 13mm. Also when replacing the stock CB are the nuts supposed to be toward the car, not the ground?


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Thats what i thought. I bought the car used but i doubt the exhaust has been touched.


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cool ill give it a shot thanks for the help. Also if the butt of the ratchet is facing the front of the car should i be pulling it towards the drivers side. I know its a ridiculous question but i just want to make sure its not a simple solution like that. Its hard to tell when the nuts are facing up because you can only move the ratchet about 2.5 inches each time.