LED / HID OUT YOUR ENTIRE HEADLIGHT! All LEDs are plug and play error free installs!

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Low beam headlamp = H7

High beam headlamp/DRL = H15

Front turn signal = 5202 amber

City Light = 194

To clear up any confusion, the high beam H15 bulb is dual filament. So when the DRL is on, the lower filament is on in the high beam bulb. Once you turn the switch to turn on your normal low beams, the H7 bulb comes on along with the city light. If you were to instal a euro switch and trigger wire, the city lights would be on in the position between lights off (DRL) and low beams on, this would also allow you to run your fog lights with just the city lights; the tail lights are also on in this position.

Lifetime Warranty | Free Shipping | Error Free | Customer Service

HALOGEN Headlight (image posted above):
City Lights:

Turn Signal:

H15 White DRL/High Beam:

H7RC Xenon Headlight Bulb:


XENON Headlight:

D1S Headlight xenon bulb:

City LEDs:

Turn Signal:

ALL LEDs for your MK6:

GolfMK6 Official Vendor
Our Interior LED Kits:
-Do not stay dimly lit when your car is off
-They fade in/out when you open and lock your doors
-Crisp white with no blue or yellow tinting

Complete Interior LED Kit - choose from over 5 different footwell colors or color changing footwells with remote!:
Interior LED Kit

Error Free – Plug & Play – Lifetime Warranty – Free Shipping
We also test our LEDs & HIDs in model specific cars to make sure they look perfect!

****Interior LEDs****
Brighter Trunk LED options.
Level 3 LEDs (directly replaces your bulb)(The Trunk LED for the MK7 GTI is compatiable with the MK6 GTI):
Trunk LEDs for your MK6 GTI & MK7 GTI

Trunk LED housing (replaces your entire trunk housing):
Trunk LED for the MK6 GTI

Trunk LED Strip:
Universal LED Trunk Strip for ALL VW Models

Complete Interior LED Kit with license plate LEDs:
Complete Interior LED Kit with LED Housing Lic. Plate

Single Color Footwell LEDs:
Blue red or white single color Footwell LEDs for your MK6 GTI

Color changing footwells - choose from over 15 colors with a click of a button:
Color Changing Footwell LEDs for the MK6 GTI

Video of Color changing footwells:

****Exterior LEDs****
License Plate LED housings (replaces stock OEM housing bright!):
Complete housing for your MK6 GTI

Less Intense License Plate bulb w/ resistors (keep your stock OEM housing):
Video of less intense LED review:

Rear turns/Front turns - compatible with ALL tails & headlights including OEM & euro tails / Halogen & bi-xenon headlights!
Front Turn:
Front Turns for the MK6 GTI Bi-xenon & halogen housing headlights

Rear turn:
Rear Turns for the MK6 GTI LED Tails & Non-LED Tails

City LEDs for your MK6 Bi-xenon headlights:
City LEDs for bi-xenon only

HID H7rc Kit for your MK6 GTI halogen headlights - must have xenon bulb kit for a safer driving experience:
H7RC kit for the MK6 GTI halogen headlights - we NOW have a NO TAP option for $24.99 - please add this option on the drop down menu

HID DIY for the passat b7:
This DIY is the same as the MK6 GTI

LED Fog Lights:
H8 Fog light k it for the MK6 GTI

Forum Member review/DIY of the H8 Kit:

Reverse LEDs for OEM housings (non-euro) - error free / plug & play:
These Reverse LEDs will fit all MK6 GTI with non-LED tails

Reverse LEDs for Euro Tails - bright 10pc LED (brightest on the market) with projector lens:
Reverse LEDs for MK6 GTI with Euro Tails

Sidemarker LEDs in amber or white:
Sidemarkers for all MK6 GTI models

Puddle LED housing:
Complete Puddle LED Housings for the MK6 GTI models

Puddle DIY:

All vinyls:
Vinyls for your VW

DSG Vinyl:
DSG Vinyls for the MK6 GTI

Cluster Vinyl:
Cluster Vinyl for the MK6 GTI

Plaid rear badge:
Plaid Rear badge for your MK6 GTI

German Flag Rear Badge vinyl:
German Flag Rear Badge for MK6 GTI

Carbon Fiber rear badge vinyl:
Carbon Fiber rear badge vinyl for the MK6 GTI

Stickerbomb rear badge vinyl:
Sticker bomb rear badge for your MK6 GTI

White rear badge vinyl:
White Rear Badge Vinyl for the MK6 GTI

Complete Circle Vinyls - must remove your badge for install:
Complete Circle Vinyls for the MK6 GTI rear badge

Seat Inserts:
Seat Inserts

Don't see something you want? Contact us for custom LED orders:

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Crisp White | No blue or yellow tint | LEDs don't stay dimly lit when car is off

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Do you offer the Golf R blacked out headlight?



Ready to race!
Do you offer the Golf R blacked out headlight?

They do not sell the headlights, they just provide HID/LED for the headlights. but if your interested in a set i may be selling mine in a few weeks. Its the ED reps option 4 with led DRL will come with morimoto hid kit 5500k.

the photo attatched is from the web.

PM me


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