Lowering a stock 1.6TDi golf?

Bugsy_Malone 666

Passed Driver's Ed
I need to do a bit of research about lowering my car, chances are I will have to pay vw to do it as its got 3 years warrenty left on it!

however rear springs look a doddle to change with just a jack and spring compressor unlike the fronts that need the shocks taking off.

So the question is what springs should I go for? Currently it seems there is a 2-2.5" gap between my tyres and the arch and I kinda want to take that out but retain stock shocks.

Having read on another thread that the GTI and the GTD have slightly different suspension hieghts, would there be massive amounts of different on the springs?

I'm thinking a set of GTi springs which are about an inch lower on a diesel might be a bit lower still, good idea/bad idea?

I really dont think I have the budget at the moment but it depends on how far I need to go to get it done really, like I say the backs are easy to change, the fronts I need vw to do.

Mainly coz GTi wheels on a stock golf look like a 4x4!