Moving to Vegas


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Will be arriving to Vegas in a few days and car will be arriving early March.

looking for some recommendations, will need a tint shop, powder coat shop as well as mechanic.

I have a random misfire on cylinder 3 and know it will be an emissions fail. Have changed coil packs and plugs, moved cylinder to cylinder and remains on 3. wasn’t able to diagnose any more before shipping from Germany so will need looking at shortly after.

powder coat will be for my wheels (Klutch SL-5) that arrive mid April. Looking to get a copper finish on them.


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Welcome to Las Vegas. I have work on my car, and do all my oil changes. They can do anything from turbos on a Lambo, to 1.8t swaps in an older Golf. They are enthusiasts and Mo the owner is a great guy.

I use to be a Dept. Manager for a company who raced exotic cars, Ferrari, McLaren..etc. We had do all our rim powdercoating. They have amazing customer service, and the all our rims always came out flawless.