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Mystery Box #13
is live! This one won't last long!

Order your detailersdomain Mystery Box, and receive a package filled with detailing essentials. We pride ourselves in putting great products together and great TOP BOXES. Just to be clear these boxes are not our OVERSTOCK!

Here are some products that you may receive in your mystery box:
Free Shipping on orders over $99 (this is based off the total discounts)
[2] ScanGrip Multimatch Kit & ScanGrip Tripod w Wheels
Valued at $648.00

[1] ScanGrip Multimatch 2
Valued at $419.00

[1] MetroVac Master Blaster 8 hp
Valued at $419.99

[10] Uber Foam Gun &
Nanolex Pure Shampoo
Valued at $71.00

[1] Rupes LHR15 MKII
Valued at $399.00

[5] ScanGrip SunMatch Lights
Valued at $149.00

I would like to highlight - The Mystery Box is great if your're willing to take the chance, love surprises, love new detailing gear, and love a great deal!

Here's your chance to get something you may have never thought of buying before or receive something you love again!

When you receive the mystery box hashtag #DDMysteryBox
Here are some Mystery Boxes others had received from our last release:

As always we appreciate your business.

Philip Yiu
Detailer's Domain