*NEW*BRIGHTER* Euro Reverse LEDs-Group Buy - No error/No-Taps Plug & Play

GolfMK6 Official Vendor
Interior LED Kits that work - insane bright trunk LED + mid-level bright domes so it is not blinding.

Pick from blue white red or color changing footwells on the drop down menu:

Fade in/out like OEM - no harsh on/off
Clean white no yellow or blue tint
NO GHOSTING! Won't stay dimly lit when your car is off

With license plates:

GolfMK6 Official Vendor
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-Error Free
-Bright diodes
-Thin PCB board for clean light output
-True Lifetime Warranty (Leading warranty in the industry). This is truly the last LED you will have to buy for your car.
-FREE Shipping within the US
-24/7 support. Our team will reply with any questions almost instantly:

Compared to many top competitors are pricing are less and our diodes are brighter.

Stop guessing what will work and do it right the first time. Customer feedback consistently shows where other LEDs caused errors & were dim ours were error free & bright.

We are here to make sure you get the product you want that works in your VW/Audi (and many more car models).

Bright fog LEDs where you want light - in white, yellow or dual fogs white/yellow:

GolfMK6 Official Vendor
Need help? We reply 24/7 & normally within hours:

We can help you with any custom LEDs or help you choose the right LED for your VW/Audi.

-Our LEDs simply work - you probably tried a lot of LEDs for your VW/Audi - we have heard it all followed by "will your LEDs work." The answer is YES.
-Our LEDs are bright - this means a lot when it comes to safety:
--> Amber Turn LEDs can be seen in direct sunlight which is important - many Amber LEDs are bright at night but during the day they can get lost in the sun and this is not safe
--> Brake LEDs have a deep vivid red light that can be seen easily while giving an upgraded look to your car. They also have a bright contrast between brake/tails
--> Reverse LEDs are some of the brightest while being some of the only error free models to date - they allow your back-up camera to see even more. And other people will notice your bright reverse - most accidents happen when reversing and our Reverse LEDs help you see and be seen
--> Custom footwell LEDs add a unique styling - we have front/rear conversion kits where you only need power to your front Footwells. This is the first of its kind on the market as it uses your OEM housing without any need for splicing or coding- 100% plug & play

We have been on the forums for over 10 years. We were able to do this by consistently bringing error free/bright/NEW LEDs to market that simply work. There are thousands of LEDs on the market and even more companies doing "testing" to find the best LEDs. What keeps our business around are the customers that tried these other LEDs and saw a difference in our product. These customers were then happy to spread their feedback with confidence knowing the next person would have the same great experience with our product.

We want to thank everyone that has supported us on the forums for the past 10 years - it has meant the world to us and allowed us to continue to bring LEDs that make a difference in your daily driving.

And don't forget:
-FREE Shipping within the US
-True Lifetime Warranty
-24/7 Customer Support (we are here for after-purchase support)

Thank You for reading and we look forward to hearing from you,