Not trolling, are mk7 owners stuck up?


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I drive quite like a grandma, so I know that's not why, but it seems every Mk7 I see gives my car zero attention. In one case, a Mk7 driver opened his door and spit on the ground when he saw my Mk6. Could have been for another reason, but it just seems like they think they're in a whole different league above my Mk6.

Not important, but just curious if anyone else experiences this. I get more attention from Porsche owners than anything else. And BMW/Merc owners always try to prove themselves around me, but I just keep driving like a normal person.

F150s and pretty much any kind of Toyota truck likes to ride my butt sometimes, trying to convert me to the ways of manufactured masculinity perhaps? I find the worst, and most sadistic drivers are in Buicks, Lincolns, and Town & Country/Caravans.

I had to vent my observations, thanks for reading.


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Thank you, and yes I realize this comes across paltry and of no real importance. I do a lot of driving and, as I'm sure others' have, I've made some predispositions for myself based on pure observation. It isn't fair, as everyone is different, but stats are stats. (Even though I'm not recording any of this). It's good to let it out somehow to someone.


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A lot of MK7 GTIs I see are bone stock driven by people 40+ yrs old and they probably aren't super into "the scene".

The MQB platform is a nice upgrade though.


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You're absolutely right, every one I see is bone stock. I see more modified Mk6 than anything else. Again, me just being cynical/venting after seeing stupid things while driving.