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Hi everyone, I'm either looking for an OEM 18" set of rims w/ tires for my GTI or just a set of 235/35/19 tires.

I ran over something on the road last night and cut one of my tires open like a cantaloupe. They were cupped already and was planning on replacing them next spring. So much for that... anyone have any or know someone?

If you're selling wheels and tires to me, they must be in great shape (no scrapes, curb rash, bends), with TPMS and new (or almost new) tires. I prefer the hufs/detroits, but open to any other 18" OEM set.

**also possible trade for my 19" Gunmetal RS4 replicas (with TPMS) - one of the tires needs to be replaced. The other ones have good tread, but are cupped. **



WTS: Billy Boat TBE, or CB. Not selling just the DP.

Has around 15k on it. In good condition. Would prefer to meet up at Accumoto to make the trade if anyone is interested.


CB: $650


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PIAA 18235 H8 XTREME WHITE 35W = 70W 4150K 1 PAIR - Fog Lights

Used for about 2months. $30 cash picked up, $35 shipped and paid as a gift via paypal, $40 normal paypal payment.


did you end up getting the Hoen xenon match ones ?


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haha, yeah, they are on the way - hopefully any day now. I hope they are as good as everyone is saying.


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haha, yeah, they are on the way - hopefully any day now. I hope they are as good as everyone is saying.

i tried to take some pics for you but they didnt turn out very good with my cheap camera


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thanks man, appreciate it. My SLR sucks at night too, lol...


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FS: Full Yakima Roofrack Setup

I've sold my 2010 GTI 5-door so no longer need the roofrack.

It's all the Yakima Components:

Q towers, Cross Bars, Q96 clips for the front, Q102 clips for the back and I also have a copperhead bike rack on it. All elements have yakima locks.

I used this only for one trip.

New, MSRP of the Kit is $453.

I will sell the kit for $300.

Chicago or Ann Arbor/Detroit area only, as I don't want to deal with shipping. I'll try to get some pics of the rack soon.

Thanks for looking!


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Hi I wanna sell my black badgless grill that I no longer want, I bought it off a member from here and have had it on my car for a week but decided to put my stock one back ob because I like it better, I want $40 obo please if you have any offers just throw them at me and I may meet up with you if you not far from algonquin/cary/woodstock/schaumburg area, open for trades also!!


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Debating on the grill. Let me tape mine up tonight and see how I like it and I will get back to you.


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Its just got the black pinstripe tape on it right?

Still rather have another one if I like it. Change the color for the seasons lol


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there is one in the classifieds