P0480 after K04 + GIAC Extreme


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One thing after the next... it hasn't ended in 2 years of ownership. This car is a piece of shit.

The latest issue, after going K04 and switching to GIAC Extreme software over from APR... is the P0480

The fans come on before I even start the engine, even in 65 degree weather...

My tuner pulled the ECU again to clean it and check for grounding issues, after that the problem went away for a total of 10 miles until the next time I started the car back up. Any ideas?

Thanks all...

------- Fixed by replacing the ECU. It had sustained damage somewhere after being opened once for APR then again for GIAC. For the record, there were no issues when the car was tuned the first time, so it's safe to say that opening the ECU multiple times becomes more of a betting mans game. As far as I know you shouldn't have to open the ECU twice, but if you're the type of dummy who buys multiple tunes then doesn't get his car flashed back to stock before making the switch, they may have a hard time with the port flash and that might result in opening the ECU again. I wasn't told it would be an issue but in retrospect I see that exposure to the elements could have possibly been avoided. I don't know for sure, a tuner would have to chime in and confirm my suspicions. Thanks again to all who participated, please leave your lab aprons in the extermination bin on your way out.
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The control module for the fans is on the big fan assembly. When it went out it failed with both fans on high on my tiguan.


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I would have to go back and look at the vcds log. I had just had the fuze box replaced in it and a few days later the fans went kaput. Running on high for long time after shut down and when the car WS running.


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everyone knows its the ECU damage and not a fan module. New ECU, $1500?


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That's really odd. I think the fans usually come on if it doesn't register the ECU correctly. Most likely an installer error but I wouldn't know of a fix to this.