Restricted power


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Hi all, just joined and this is first post.
My son has bought a 1.6TDi CR 2009 and we are experiencing some power issues.
When the car is started and stationary it won't rev over 2400rpm (this is normal) but when driving it, it still won't rev over 2400rpm.
The car hasn't been mapped or modded, new dpf, egr cleaned, new boost pressure valve fitted (bit with 2 vac pipes and a grey cap at front of engine). I have a new crank sensor to fit aswell. All parts are genuine VW.
ECU has been checked for in and out power and all good, turbo cartridge moves freely with no play.
Any thoughts / ideas?
Cheers people


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I thought the same thing and it won’t go over if in neutral as a safety thing I think and if traction control is on it won’t with clutch down while driving or stationary but if you turn it off it will go round all the way, hope this helps