So now that my GTI is totaled, time to move on.


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Check audizine or world for the issues list on B7's. Off the top of my head, cam follower issue, which can lead to fuel pump issue which can lead to camshaft issue. Timing belt should be checked, headlight issues on HIDS, window regulators and other issues. My personal experience, ALL OF THE ABOVE AND MORE. If your looking for any used car especially euro, have a trusting tech check a car out for you if you can't diagnose yourself. Good luck, I love having the gti after the A4 problems. Lighter, Faster, more stylish and 2 door fun at a very reasonable price.

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I need to do my homework then. lol

MK7 R? or GTI?
Nah like I said before, i'm not a big fan of the mk7.


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MK7 GTI with performance pack.


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just get a CPO'd mk6 then ;)


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lol forsure i'm going to go the CPO/used route. If I can find a mk6 GTI/R for a really good price, then i'll go with that. If not, i'm thinking an A4 avant. But at the same time, i'm kind of hesitant to go the A4 route, because i'm not too familiar with the common problems for them.

As far as mk6's go, i was kind of spoiled with my first one, because it was a 2012 (got it last year, so it was only a year old) for only $17k. Granted, it had 44k miles on it, but they were highway miles. So now, when I look for GTI's in about the same condition mine was before it was totaled, I still have yet to find one under $20k. I'm not too fond of paying more money for the same car I already had. It's just a hard pill for me to swallow.


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I recommend something reliable.