Speeding tickets or Jailtime??


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I know this is stupid question but I gotta ask.
I'm taking roadtrip to vegas from seattle with my friends
in the .:R(getting it in next few weeks XD)
it's long drive and it gonna be painful crusing around 60mph in the R(it was painful even in the fx)
imagine it, wide open road, gotta drive 10 or more hours,sitting in the car that has enough power.
so prob we gonna speed bit
we are going thru Washington,Oregon,Utah,Nevada and Cali
In those state what's gonna happen when I go over 100mph and get caught speeding.
Just ticket? or jailtime??
I won't be speed too much in heavy traffic. only when there's only FEW cars.
Also, I had radar jammer( don't remember which company was it tho) in the fx
and didn't work well.

anyone got pulled over for doing 100mph+??


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I heard tickets over 90+ are reckless driving, and u get your car towed + a night in jail. You might want to double check though..i guess each state is different.


dont be an idiot and dont drive over 100



they see me trollinnn
When I was doing frequent highway trips I would stay about 7-8 mph over the speed limit or 10 if that was how the traffic was flowing.

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Spool makes me drool.


pussy.....go 130 and they cant catch you.

if you do get caught your car might get towed and then you will get raped in a crappy roadside motel.

do it.


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Nothing over 100 untill you find that one guy who is speeding excessively then follow him and hope he gets the ticket if a cop comes out of no where :thumbsup:


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Just get a Valentine 1 and hope no one has laser lol....

lol such true words. usually if u r speeding and its on an open road and your not driving aggressively they wont take u to jail or tow your car. again it all comes down to the officer.


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you can look up each states laws on speeding tickets. in florida 30 over the speed limit is considered reckless which gets you jail time or a court date.

and if the cop wants to be nice he'll find some next to you doing the same speeds and give you a racing ticket :thumbsup:

i can see where you pain comes in. miamis highways are awesome at night since there is almost no cars on there by then, and ive felt tempted to haull some serious ass around there. but try to stay under the 30 over the speed limit