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When I'm parking my car at slow speeds (< 6 mph) in the rain and I have my wheel turned all the way to the left I'm hearing a creaking sound coming from the front left wheel or steering column. I've only noticed it when it's raining, but I'll try to replicate it once the car/road dries. If the car stops moving the sound stops right away. It sounds like a door creaking :confused:

Has anyone else heard this before?
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I have the same issue and I am now searching to get more information on it.

How many miles do you have on your GTI?

I'm beginning to think this noise is a normal occurrence in new cars. I think the CV boot is the source, and that it will probably subside once it gets worn in. There have been a number of posts on this issue with no real conclusion so I'm guessing that the noise eventually stopped on it's own.


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I think its the subframe bolts. Mine has a clicking and creaking sound on the initial cold start and first movement of the car/steering. Does anyone know of a TSB fix or an aftermarket fix for this ? the sound is really annoying !!!!


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my wheels by my suspension makes a strange noise everytime i turn the wheel, and its strange how it only started this after my check up


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Everyone with this problem, go to the dealer. I bet you a case of ice cold Sunking Osiris Pale Ale that they will replace your entire steering rack if it is just the squeak at low speeds and does not happen until it gets close to lock.

Why? Because thats what they did for mine when this happened for me. Otherwise, I'd say it was CV boot squeal, strut bearing old wooden ship disease, or your imagination.


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I've noticed this too. But only in the rain. Anyone go to the dealer yet? Let me guess. Could not duplicate.


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I had the exact same problem, although nothing to do with rain. Dealer said the axle needed to be replaced and did so under warranty. Seemed a bit odd to me, but it doesn't make the noise any more. If only they were as successful fixing the various rattles in my interior...


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I just started hearing a similar noise and I'm at 6300 miles on mine. The sound on mine is more like tension built up on the lower frame then it pops, kind of similar to when the frame flexes when you pull into a steep driveway. Its starting to worry me...


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Has anyone come up with a solution for this? Its been raining in ct and I've only had my car for two months (just hit 1900mi) and am now hearing this noise... I can crank my steering wheel from lock to lock and it makes no noise unless i start to drive... It sounds like a creeking/rubbing.whining noise as the car starts to move.

I read somewhere else that its the CV boots making noise as the car moves when the wheels are close to steering lock. It was remedied by lubricating the CV boots with 3M 100% silicone lube. Does this make sense to anyone?

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I had the same problem at 3100 miles. Took it to the dealer, three days later got my car back. They replaced the left and the right complete axles and the noise went away. They did however forget to tighten or improperly install one of the hose clamps to the cv boot causing a small grease leak and a mess on the inside of my wheel. Took it back and problem solved.


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4 weeks ago I purchased my GTI from my brother (original owner) and since noticed this sound/problem. He had never noticed it before. It's never been abused and was well taken care of and has 48,000km's. If I were to take this in to be looked at would it still be under warranty? I know the warranty is up to 80,000km's but have read some people saying this problem isn't under full warranty.

Also, it's running on H&R Super Sports, would this have caused steering noise and will it being modified void the warranty (they were installed by Pfaff, a certified Audi and VW dealer/tuning shop).