The new EOS


Ready to race!
Looks much cooler than the last EOS, much sharper lines


Ready to race!
I just saw this video and I think this is the coolest folding hard top I've ever seen:

It's really smart how the sunroof becomes part of the folding mechanism.

And don't you think the EOS looks more masculine now with the new front end?

yeah pretty solid...we're this close to transformers now, 5 more years tops.


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Guy at work (yeah, I said guy) has one. Followed him out of the lot the other day. I think it's cool as hell that you can get the roof that far open w/o actually retracting it. He had it open until we got to the super slab, then nudged it shut, probably to switch to AC.

Very cool.


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Yeah, but will it leak?

It looks dope, but I'd be worried about leaks in the very near future. I drive a 2010 GTI 2 door, which has issues and worries about the door seals. There are a lot more things to go wrong with the EOS, and you know, Murphy's law...

Snoop doesn't care, he won't keep the car that long, but the average Joe should care.