Throw-out bearing squeal - What should I expect?


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At 126,000 miles, I am starting to get a squeal from the TOB, especially in reverse. At first it was only when cold, but now it happens more and more frequently. How long can I go without a repair? Will it eventually just fail and I won't have a clutch, resulting in a tow and a repair?


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At 126k, you're probably due for a clutch/flywheel/TOB change anyway, so you may as well start working on that rather than waiting for the TOB to fail.

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I know some people who've been driving with the squeal for over 50k miles. My car has been squealing for about 30k miles and it drives fine. Just squeals when its cold. I'm waiting for the clutch to fail entirely before i buy a new one.


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Most of my mileage is highway driving in 6th gear at 65 mph. I've had clutches last for well over 200,000 miles. I'm guessing eventually, the 2-piece TOB will fail, hopefully in my driveway! Then it's a short tow job for a new RSR clutch and updated TOB.


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Mine has been squeeling for years, but only when it's below freezing out... thankfully.

My stock clutch is also doing fine with six digits on the odometer. I'm looking forward to the RSR clutch and limited slip that'll go in when it finally fails.


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Yeah, I plan to ignore it until it it dies, same thing for the intermittent P0299 boost error.


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Alot of people complain about this, but its usually the pressure plate and not the tob.