VMR wheels for carbon gray

What color rim

  • Matte black

    Votes: 11 47.8%
  • gunmetal

    Votes: 12 52.2%

  • Total voters

Carbon Blir

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I have a carbon Gray.. i am getting VMR's and i was intending on buying gunmetal, now i dont know if i want to go matte black

Whats everyone think???


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I'm tempted to go gunmetal myself, but will need to see it on the car (in the same lighting conditions, so photoshop won't help much here) to make sure it doesn't look odd.


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im saying matte black, thats probably how i would go, i think gunmetal would look ok if its dark enough to match the car, but then again it might look tacky.


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have you think of ONYX BLACK...that's what I bought and It's awesome..I love my VMR

Carbon Blir

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I was hoping that te gunmetal will match or be slightly darker than stock if not I belive I will go black... I like the dullnest of matter as it doesn't
make it look as dark


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dude, PLEASE go to vmrs warehouse in orange county and try on EVERY COLOR AND EVERY STYLE WHEEL they make. we need to see some options on carbon grey because its a new color!!!!


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^ lol

yes, try it all on and make sure they take their time mounting and balancing every single one for you. please take approx. [5] pictures per wheel style that are in HD format. then proceed to create a slide show on youtube that shows no less than 1 minute exposure per wheel. THANK YOU.

[/end bored ranting]

oh and my vote is for gunmetal.