Wanted to Say hi! (GTI Spotting in Boston)


Ready to race!

You: Shadow Blue MK6 GTI (2010 with HIDS)
- Borla or similar style Cat-back, Stock Wheels, and lowering springs... Think I also heard a BOV too?

Me: Black, slammed and somewhat loud GTI with Bronze staggered wheels

Time & Location: 8:45PM EST 6/14 on Washington St (Route 1) Roslindale/Dedham heading South!

I finally run into another GTI and all I wanted to do was say Hi!! (I don't take my GTI out much.) First I slow down to wave and you just blow on by me... Then, I finally catch up to wave and you slow down just to take off?!?!?! I just wanted to cruise with you since I was heading that way. Why you leave me in that awful traffic with that Forest XT!!! I didn't get around those knuckleheads until like Boch Ferrari in Norwood and lost sight of you.

Are you here?!?!?! :D


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This is me maybe?

Song stuck in my head