Yasher - Great seller - buy with confidence


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Just wanted to throw up a quick thank you and some feedback for forum member Yasher

VERY motivated seller who is easy to work with. Additional photos were provided where requested and quickly. Communication was great. Had tracking information quickly and package arrived sooner than expected.

May good karma come your way and help you work though the challenges.

Stay positive bro!



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Hey, you were just as easy to work with, once we got on the same page! I appreciate the timely communication as well, and the timely payment. But most of all, I appreciate you taking the time to leave me some feedback. Thanks!


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I don't even know where to begin with this seller...

So I send payment, then almost immediately get a tracking number...

And then I receive the deadset kit super fast, considering shipping was to Cali.

He's a good seller, am I right?


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+1 to yasher! Great seller - buy with confidence.

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So I bought these mounts from Yasher and before I even payed for them, the mounts were installed on my car...magically i guess. Yasher how do you do it?


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Bought a wheel from Yasher and it arrived very fast and was exactly as described. He was quick to respond to messages and seems like a nice guy. Would definitely buy from him again.

Thanks man!


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So I bought these mounts from Yasher
how much you bought it?
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