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  • What's up man, I am in Irving. There is a car show tomorrow out in Plano. I have another local friend that I roll with. I know a group of guys that do a lot of runs on 635 underpass, I do some highway pulls but I'm only ko4 at the moment..
    I lived a few years over in LH, I really liked it over there. I was off of church close to the High school
    hi, how old are these? Miles on your car except for the new on of course? I am pretty close to Chicago and may be interested. mike siron
    Hi Cadbuya,
    I tried PMing you about your APR dongle but your PMs are turned off. I would still like to purchase off of you if you are willing

    Thanks for your time
    Hi there,

    My name is Marc and i work for THMotorsports. We were wondering what it would take in order to become a Vendor/Sponsor for the forum? We would like access to all categories, not just a certain section.

    Thanks in advance!

    Marc Rizzo
    Can I change my screen name please. I made it a bit revealing lol. Can you kindly change it to Ken13gti
    Thank you
    Hi Cadubya,
    I joined the MK7 Group on 8/24/2015 but am unable to Post. I've been unable to use the "contact us" feature. How can I Post in the MK7 Forum? Help. Help... please.
    Cheers, Richard...
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