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  • hey, you posted on my thread about front andback BLACK emblems for my golf? i see you have had yours done, looks amazing! did you do them yourself? if so, is this difficult, i have a white golf and really want the black badges for it!! thanks a lot,
    Hey, about to take delivery of an 11' GTI here at Spangdahlem, GE. How did you get the APR software? Did you send in your ECU?
    Hey there, don't mean to bug you but I saw in a thread that you had a UK light conversion done to an American GTI. I myself just got stationed in the UK and bringing in my 2010 GTI; and was wondering where you did your light conversion and about how much it cost. I'm just tryingto find a good place that's not going to do shoddy work on my vehicle. Thank you in advance.
    How would you race anyways? That's not soo lame? And it's just stock for now his car would prolly beat urs if u had stock too lol but if u have apr tunes come race my beemer! Haha
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