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  • hey man do you know exactly how much i need to trim off my apr downpipe to mate to my magnaflow catback ? and where i can find a proper reducer ? thanks!
    hey man whats goin on. Im tryna find someone with vagcom possilby close to dc, i have a idle issue im trying to get to the bottom of before h20i. i work in downtown dc mon-fri let me kno either way thanks!
    I have the Carbon Steel Grey four door GTI that says APR on the front bumper/ APR Tuned on the back window.
    Haha, I'm a junior at GMU doing SOM. But yeah man it's all the same! Seen your car in Sandy Creek right? Looks good.
    Yea, I sit right behind "You", in the corner LOL. I just got a scratch fixed as well, from my driver side door. Was pretty deep but this guy got most of it out. Nice golf :laugh:.
    Wherer did you car go? Haha. Btw, are you in my econ class. I can't tell if this person next to me is you because, whenever your in your car, your tints block you
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