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  • Hey sorry getting to you so late i am rarely on here in my accout i have full 42DD exhaust i was in an accident as well i got hit from behind on the far left it was a mustang the gu fel asleep behind the wheel cost me 9K in damages, my car hasnt seem right ever since what happen to you? I noticed on the driver side when i do close my door it hits a little on the inside i think the car is bent or something.
    my rear brakes are holding up just fine - had them checked at 10k and no problems. Then again, most of my driving is highway mileage. looks good now so im happy haha...the golf wasn't too bad but the auto trans sucks haha
    yeah i wasnt sure if that was you, you have rustici right? my car is getting a little dent filled because it had a dent when i bought it
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