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  • Hi Jwendling, yes I remember that post. I had used the Godspeed downpipe and figured out how to for CBFA motors. I highly recommend it, I used it for 30k miles on my car with no problems. It does need some work to fit when you first get it though for CBFA.

    You will need to fit/weld another O2 sensor bung (most muffler shops will do this for about $20). Next, one or two of the stud mounting holes (where it mounts to the turbo) will need to be drilled out larger. For some reason there is a difference in fitment between the two engine codes.

    With these two done you'll be good to go. I purchased my Godspeed downpipe in person since they are local to me. I'm not quite sure about their ebay store but that's where I had found them originally. At the time it was $159 out the door picked up.

    Hope this helps,
    Thank you!
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