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DIY ESP Defeat, Disable, Delete 2008.5-2011 cars

Well, after some more digging it appears a polish fellow has figured this out?! He has a youtube video showing a 2 stage ESP with full disable by holding the button for 3 sec. I asked him how he did it using google translate and this is his response,
'Hi, I changed the pump 1K0907379AD byte 16 bit 3, the value of 34 changed to 3C, each pump is not how it works. Pumps AH and AJ have here another function...'

This appears to be working on 09, 10, 11 GTI. Please note that pump versions vary and your results may vary.
Part No 1K0 907 379 AD, AE, AM, BC, confirmed working.
AJ pump use 29 for coding.
Pumps AH, BE not supported.
BG accepts coding but ESP still active.
Component: ESP MK60EC1
I tap the ESP off and it blinks, or I hold for 3 sec and it's solid. ESP OFF!
For some cars, this appears to be a 1 stage defeat.

TLDR- 1 or 2 stage ESP off by manually changing ABS coding byte 16 to 3C (or 3D, 38, 39 depending on hill assist and indirect TPMS options).

38 = Hill Hold off, TPMS off
39 = Hill Hold on, TPMS off
3C = Hill Hold off, TPMS on
3D = Hill Hold on, TPMS on

Tags- ESP, ESC, Stability, Control, Traction, Defeat, Disable
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this sounds interesting and very promising! I have a 2011. i'll give it a try later today/tonight.
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I'll try it when I get home, I dont have my laptop and gti on me today. Do you have the youtube or forum link?

EDIT: This was from an old thread on vortex on my long coding off my 2011, I take it this is my abs/esp?
Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels: 1K0-907-379-60EC1F.clb
Part No SW: 1K0 907 379 BG HW: 1K0 907 379 BG
Component: ESP MK60EC1 H31 0106
Revision: 00H31001
Coding: 114B600C492400FA880B06ED92220041B70800
Shop #: WSC 01357 011 00200
VCID: 78D131C3CB505BD8195

No fault code found.
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The link would be helpful. I just checked my abs module but I don't have bit 3 for byte 16. My code for byte 16 is B6.


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Sub'd for results, this could be the Mod of the Year!
Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


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I don't have a real link, just to a video in polish where he demonstrates pushing the button. Perhaps this is only for late mkv TSI cars.

oooh, i see what you mean now. I wonder if the actual ABS pump makes a difference in coding. Maybe even the version of VCDS. I have the latest version of VCDS so take that into consideration when you guys are looking into it.


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I could've changed the code too but decided not to.

since you changed the bye itself, have you noticed a difference? can you actually fully disable esp?